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Created a new video! To those people who follow me on Tumblr but not anywhere else. Enjoy! = )

Here’s my intro and/or outro for future videos! Tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. = ) As a side note, I tried putting a deep sound in the clip so I can cover all audio frequencies, low to high, but I don’t know how to create the deep sound I want. That’s the only thing I feel is missing. I’m sure I’ll change my intro sometime in the future, but for now, the revised version of this will do!
The expressions my face makes through the various stages of homework completion. Interestingly enough, I made this while procrastinating on my homework. = I

The expressions my face makes through the various stages of homework completion. Interestingly enough, I made this while procrastinating on my homework. = I

Original Creator Unknown.
Found on Reddit.

Original Creator Unknown.

Found on Reddit.


「R」 A/01 -BIRTH- PV ◎Directed by Takuya Hosogane

I worked on this project as animator! ( ^ .^)b

りょーちもRyo-Timo♦ ヨツベ♦ Bahi JD ♦ Rapparu♦山下清悟Shingo Yamashita♦中川英樹
♦泉本二機 ♦松尾信之♦今岡律之♦西井涼輔♦koya58♦宝井俊介♦渡邉祐記

◎作画監督: Hidessu

This is awesome! = D



Unused Intro

No one really follows me anyway, and I was going to use this as an intro to a story, but have decided not to. It flows well, though, and want to keep it maybe for the future, so I decided to put it here.

Temporary Rough Times

            It’s been a rough few months. Not rough in the sense of devastation, like a deep injury that takes time for the pain to set in, time for the pain to go away, but never enough time for it to heal properly. It’s something a bit smaller, like getting bruised and being repeatedly jabbed in the same spot just hard enough to come back after it has healed, if it even has healed. The bruise can heal perfectly fine without anything bothering it with enough time, but the spot keeps getting hit, and the bruise keeps coming back.

February 3. I really need some texture brushes. = /

February 3. I really need some texture brushes. = /

February 2, 2012. It’s supposed to be Ellie, from Dead Space 2. = )

February 2, 2012. It’s supposed to be Ellie, from Dead Space 2. = )

Day 1 of the draw every day in February challenge. = )

Day 1 of the draw every day in February challenge. = )

Personal Passion

This was something I wrote for Creative Writing, and I thought I would share it.

    Passion is the fire that fuels people’s dreams and desires. It motivates everyone to strive for the best at what they love, even if it seems impossible or insane. It’s what wakes you up in the morning, and gives meaning to every individual’s life. Unfortunately, I myself don’t have a definitive passion other than trying to find a passion for myself.
    The opportunity to develop a passion was lost for me at a young age. My parents listened to most of my foolish childhood decisions when they offered me the first step in what may have been the ascending stairway to my passion. My parents offered violin lessons, I refused, they put me in sports, I didn’t have any interest in them, and they also suggested I complete a scholarship that paid all expenses of a field trip to space camp located in Alabama, and I didn’t finish it. As someone who is older and wiser, I have grown appreciation to the sciences and arts, and regret the decisions I made when I was younger. I haven’t grown an interest in most athletics, but I do now have a mild interest in those sports and physical activities that have a specific methodology and grace, such as swimming, martial arts, and gymnastics. I also enjoy the physical activities that focus on diversion instead of serious competition, such as doing fun physical activities with friends.
    Recently, growing out of my adolescent years, I have made friends that have intense personal drives and unrivaled ambition in what they do. They strive to do the perfectionistic best, even if they are better than their surrounding peers. They accomplish what they desire with great skill, and can’t get enough of what they love. In truth, it makes me a little jealous. I have never had something that I loved stay with me for more than a few months. I begin a new hobby, and start it with feverish motivation, but after a few weeks pass, the motivation fades away. I don’t let my newly acquired skill go to waste, I practice it every once in a while, but I don’t wake up with the intense passion my friends have, which can be felt if one spends a little bit of time with them. I hop from hobby to hobby, hoping one would latch onto my attention, but I have had no luck.
    Presently, I have been contemplating on what I am talented in, and what would be simple to start on and be exceptional at with minimal to moderate effort. Being good and proud at something you have done or created always helps with the motivational aspect of activities. Being able to look at your own excellent work you put hours of effort into and knowing you did it with your own hands has an addictive effect. Unfortunately for the lazy, being good has a positive correlation with practice and effort, which have no substitutes.
    I have dabbled a bit in drawing and sketching for about a year and a half, and it hasn’t clung to me like my friends’ passions have clung to them. My friend inspired me to pursue drawing, as the drawings that come from her pencil are absolutely crisp and professional looking, and drawing is her passion. I can’t give credit to the pencil, as it’s the artist who uses the tool. When I make an attempt at drawing, what is conceived not translated with the vivid imagery imagined, on paper. What is created is an amalgamation of fuzzy lines that vaguely represents my idea, and in turn, it demotivates me to continue drawing. The difference between her and me, though, is that she has practiced consistently for 10 years, and as aforementioned, there is no substitute for practice and effort. I have been drawing inconsistently for the time I have been drawing, and even then I see some improvement from when I first started. That reassures me that no matter what I do, with time, effort, and practice, things will always improve.
    Even then, the idea of drastically improving on hobbies I casually pick up doesn’t ignite a passion within me. Along with drawing and absorbing knowledge, the hobbies I have also picked up are videography, music composition, and photography. Aside from the goal of improving to the point where I’m constantly better than my past self, I don’t have any dream with a definite end. I’m currently living to live, just amassing figurative wealth with no certain self-satisfactory conclusion in sight. Passion gives meaning to every individual’s life, and I’m still trying to find that meaning.

Friends and Distance

Everyone in Georgia is either busy, don’t have a base for good conversation, or don’t want to talk. I put them in an  important spot while they put me in a less important spot on their priorities. I can’t stop thinking about them, but I mostly can’t stop thinking about my best friend, and the good times she and I had. I miss the friends I met in Georgia; distance seems to change how people interact on an emotional level with the ones who are distanced. I am reminded of the unbearably cute and romantic Patu, the obvious, childish, but lovable Tam, and the enthusiastic, optimistic, and energetic Jenn. I miss them, and currently no new good times are being had by me with them or with anybody for that matter, so being reminded of the old times is saddening, especially when being reminded of them is inevitable. Daily tasks spark memories, memories I can’t continue. The solution seems to be to make new friends and new memories to lessen the thoughts about the old ones, but keep the old friends close to my heart. I am trying to be sociable, but I am difficult to connect with. Sadly, I wouldn’t befriend myself because of my obnoxious behavior, and I am trying to adjust myself to become a better person, but I don’t believe that is the reason why I am difficult to become good friends with. I think I have very high expectations on what a good friend is, compared to the general public, which I deduce is why I don’t have very many close friends. But I believe that’s how it’s supposed to be. Why settle for less when you can have the best? A friend needs to be trustworthy, understanding, sincere, have the ability to communicate with you that is in a way interesting to both, have the willingness and interest to spend time together, and fun. Fortunately, the ideal friend I have described were those I found in Georgia, and I am blessed to have them be a part of my life. It took me one year to find those friends, but unfortunately for me, I’m not yet in the position where I have excellent friends here in Arizona. I believe it will take me the same amount of time it took me to find the friends I made in Georgia here in Arizona, if not longer due to my undesirable circumstances. I miss the friends I had when I was in Georgia.

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