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Moving away

June 20, 2011

Today, the movers came and packed up all of our things, and soon I’ll be headed out on a road trip to Arizona, my soon to be new home for the time being. My dad lives in the military so it’s a bit rough, moving every few years and leaving friends all the time, but that’s what you get when your father fights for our country’s freedom. It’s best to take the experience from the past and apply it to better yourself in the future, and I know I won’t forget the friends I made here.

It was blazing hot today and the A/C was malfunctioning. About 13 people in one household doesn’t help the heat either. BUT IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THE HEAT, STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN. Or just get some cool drinks from the kitchen. That works too. Anyway, I heard the “lead” mover, the person that maintains inventory, agreeing with my dad about valuable items being packed in a way where they can become damaged. He said something along the lines of “I agree with what you say, it’s the money that you spunt, and I completely understand… etc etc.” Spunt? Ha, wut? I don’t know, I just found it amusing the way he said it. I’m not making fun of him, it’s probably the way he grew up saying it and no one bothered to correct him, but I have never heard someone say that before. It made me think about things that other people may say differently as well, and what they may be.

My computer is packed, and soon my modem and router will be packed too, and I’ll be on the road to Arizona soon. Since I won’t have access to internet all the time, I’ll most likely work on my hobbies. My two main hobbies that I can think of from the top of my head is drawing, and making music. I need a lot of practice on both of those if I want to be as good as I want to be in my head. I use FL Studio to make music, but my computer’s battery is a bit fried, so I have to connect the computer to a power outlet, and there isn’t really power outlets on the highway. I could always buy a new battery, but it’s too late now since I’m leaving soon. Anyway, back to making music, I’ve only been making music for about a week, and I’ve already made a song, but it’s not very good… Just basic notes and chords in a minor scale. I taught myself a bit of music theory the weeks before making the song, but it’s still a little bit confusing to me. I’ll get the hang of making music sometime, if I stick with it. I won’t bother posting my first song here, ha. I might post some of the things I create here, such as music, sketches, videos, and other things. I won’t be able to upload any sketches or videos yet since my scanner is packed up, and my camera is broken. That’s the life of a graduated high school senior, haha.

Hopefully I’ll have something I can post soon. I don’t want to keep this in the format of a boring old diary. Just watch it turn out like a boring old diary. -__-

Til next time!